Links and Communities

The internet has a lot of great places to learn more about diabetes and has online communities of kids with diabetes just like you. You can learn a lot from other kids with diabetes, that’s why I travel around to meet as many kids as I can. If you want to learn more about diabetes or connect with others try some of the links below. If you have Twitter, there are a ton of people with diabetes who are tweeting, try following some of those below.


Juvenation (
TuDiabetes (
ADA’s Parents & Kids (
dLife (
Diabetic Rockstar (
Children with Diabetes (
Diabetes Daily ( (
Insulin Pumpers (


American Diabetes Association (ADA) (
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) (
Taking Control of Your Diabetes (
Diabetes Health (
DiabeTeens (
Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association (
David Mendosa – Living With Diabetes (
Diabetes Education and Camping Association (


Our Diabetic Life (
Diabetes Mine (
Six Until Me (
Lemonade Life (
The Diabetic Diva (


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